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Richmond Refacing Midlothian, VA - Saving money on kitchen remodeling by refacing your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Cabinet refacing in the greater Richmond, VA area.

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What is �Kitchen Cabinet Refacing�? 


Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is a brand new exterior for your cabinets without the expense of new frames!

It's the outside of your cabinets that gets the wear and tear, and whose style may be out-of-date.  Kitchen Cabinet Refacing (in a nutshell) covers the outside of the cabinet with a new ply of wood, replaces the drawer boxes, and gives you all-new cabinet doors and drawer-fronts.  All hinges, drawer slides, knobs, and handles are brand new.  Simply, everything you see with the doors closed is brand new. 

The cabinet interiors remain unchanged. Your cabinet boxes are probably solid wood and custom-made for your kitchen, and they are already in place.  When you reface, the cabinets remain in place; your walls are not damaged.  Alarm, phone, microwave ductwork, lighting, cable, or plumbing lines which may run through your cabinets are undisturbed. 

You don't change the footprint or wallprint of your cabinets so you are not forced to redo floors, wallpaper, tile, or paint unless you want to.  The appliances, counter, sink, disposal, and faucet do not need to be removed.  Granite counters do not need to be disturbed.   This is why you save so much money!

How popular is cabinet refacing?  One of my material suppliers manufactures 28,000 cabinet doors each dayThis Old House Magazine ran its cover story on refacing in March 2004 titled, "Transforming Your Kitchen - Without Breaking the Bank."  Kitchen cabinet refacing, born in the mid-eighties from long-established good carpentry standards, has taken its place as the premier-value renovation option for kitchens.  The look of brand new solid wood cabinets in Oak, Cherry and Maple, without the big ticket price or the hidden costs.  By the way, the first refacing job I did was in 1975 on a pair of Klipsch stereo speakers!  I still have them, and they look great!






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